Point of Sale

Web Based Android POS

Merchantmate works on any android device, tablet and phone. Synch to cloud all under one platform.

Easy to Set Up and Learn

Intuitive and easy to use. Sell in no time. Easy to learn, less time trainng staff.

Offline Protection

No wifi no issues. Keep doing what you do, data synchs as soon as you go online

Free and Automatic Updates

Free and latest software updates at no extra cost

Discounts and Surcharges

Customise and add discounts Percentage/amount, buy and get, fixed price. Auto set discounts for day of the week and time of the day Apply to all the items in a customer’s basket or to specific items only.

Split and Partial Payments

Allow customers to pay wityh multiple tender types. Accept two or more payments methods for single transaction.

Split/Merge Orders

Combine and link customer orders. Split and create 2 different orders.

Gift cards

Create and sell gift cards Monitor gift card balances and expiry

Credit sales and Laybys

Allow customers to buy on credit accounts Easily look up customer balances and take payments on accounts Issue credit account invoice and send reminders

Return Refunds & Store Credit

Easily process refunds and exchanges Set up your refund & exchange conditions Issue store credit or cash refunds

Customer Facing Display

Pair with the customer facing display app to effortlessly build your customer database. Give transparency during checkout to customers Capture customer details while they are being served. Display ads and promotional messages.

Cash Management and Payment Integration

Track all cash movements, cash floats to closing registers. Set cash permissions for users. Print or email register closure reports. Integrate with Payment terminal for complete ease of checkout process.

Customise Layout

Customise your POS layout to speed up your service. Quickly add products to the sale by typing in keywords or using a barcode scanner.

Customise Taxes

Set up customised taxes and surcharges. Auto set surcharges for day of the week and time of the day Get quick tax reports for ease of accounting

Customise Receipts

Customize receipts with your logo, website and other details to create receipt templates. Choose whether to email or print receipts after a sale.

Sales and Invoicing

Create and send custom invoices using customisable invoice templates. Auto create on credit sales invoices and send reminders. Set Sales targets for staff and analyse sales

Inventory Management

Product Management

Create or import products and start selling in no time. Stansdard, Composite, Variants and Services.

Variants and Composite Products

Add products variants like size, color, materials, etc. Bundle products together as composites, add variants to composite products.

Supplier Mangement

Create and manage suppliers, add products to supplier accounts. Set up default suppliers, moq, purchasing units to products for quick ordering.

Stock Alerts

Get low stock alerts and manage inventory in real time. Manage email notifications.

Purchase Orders

Create customised purchase orders and stock return orders. Receive orders if full, partial or short close on the POS or in back office. Save and auto send reoccuring orders.

Stock Transfers

Create store transfers within your multiple locations. Create paid or free of charge transfers. One click mark up/discount transfer pricing.

Purchase and Measuring Unit

Create custom measuring unit for products. Create custom purchasing unit with auto conversions to measuring unit.

Stock Count

See stock on hand. Manage partial or full stock counts, print stock count sheets and reports.

Stock Adjustments and Wastage

Record stock adjustments like wastage, theft, obselence, stock errors, etc. Track and report wastage, print wastage reports.

Barcodes and Labels

Effortlessly create and print barcodes and product labels. Print delivery dockets.

Production Jobs

Create production jobs and disassembles. Manage production stock

Email & Sms Marketing

Customise Email and SMS

Customise your emails and sms and send to customers. Promote, advertise and keep your customers updated.

Design Yourself

Design your own email and sms content. Add pictures, videos, social links and create custom mailing list. Already have designed content? Just upload and send.

Content Review

All contect is reviewed before it is sent out to ensure the credibility of the content and prevent unpleasant customer experience.

Readymade Content

Use our readymade content tepmlates Just review and send, no editing needed easy to use templates.

Table Management & Reservations

Table Layout

Design yout table layout Add multiple floors/sections and design each layout seperately. Customise table shapes and number of chairs on each table.

Manage Tables and Reservations

Merge tables for larger parties Disable out of order tables temporarily View table status at any time. Reserve tables by taking reservations.

Order Status with Kitchen Display

Send orders to kitchen with our bump screen. View and update order status right from the kitchen.

Pair with OlarMe

Create your online pressence with OlarMe. Fully integrated marketplace with contactless customer dine in experience, collection and delivery orders online. Even make online reservations and take reservation deposits.

Team Management & Staff Attendance

Staff Attendance

Take staff attendance – clock in and out, break start and finish. Set up and monitor shift and break limits for missed attendance. View staff attendance reports.

Staff Portal

Staff can log in and view their attendance report. Coming soon….. Mobile application for staff attendance.

User Acess and Permissions

Create user accounts and define permissions for each of your staff depending on their role. Customize to align with your store processes, and keep sensitive information hidden and secure.

Staff Scheduling

(coming soon) Roaster/schedule staff for shifts and share schedules with staff.

Staff Timesheets

(coming soon) Auto create staff timesheets from staff attendance. Monitor labour cost and hours.

Staff Availability

(coming soon) Staff can share their avilability for accurate scheduling

Staff Leaves

(coming soon) Staff can request and notify leaves Approve or reject leaves and update availability.

Staff Communications

(coming soon) Staff can communicate via MerchantMate for general messaging, availability, leaves,etc

Customer Loyalty and Referral Program

Loyalty Program

Customise your loyalty program to suit your needs. Create customer tiers and define program for each tier. Let your customers earn points for every purchase and reward them back in your own way.

Pay With Points

Convert points earned into currency that can be used for next purchase.

Benefit Count

Let customers earn benefit count for each purchase and reward them back with discounts.


Reward customers with vouchers for being loyal and say thank you.

Welcome and Birthday Bonus

Create welcome bonus for new joining members and award birthday bonus to customers on their birthday.

Referral Program

Generate more sales and customer database with our referral program

Referral Fraud Detection

Our fraud detection protectes you from people taking advantage of your referal program.

Email and SMS Notifications

Send email and sms notifications, vouchers and marketing material to your customers. Customise email and sms templates.

Customer Mamangement

Create customer database, manage customers and look up customer balances

Customer Groups

Create and manage customer groups Assign customers to multiple customer groups.

Customer Display

Grow your customer list and build loyalty with a customer facing display. Collect and capture customer detail, join them for your loyalty program while making a sale.

Appointments & Online Bookings

Service Packages

Create service packages bundle services together as composite

Services in Parallel

Bundle service together as renderred in parallel for easy appointment scheduling

Services in Sequence

Bundle service together as renderred in sequence for easy appointment scheduling

Bulk Service Appointments

Add multiple services in one appointment booking. Assign customers to appointments.

Staff Allocation

Schdeule staff for appointments and alloacte staff to services. Set specific staff pricing for services

Staff Working Hours

Manage staff availability and take appointments as per staff availability

Block Time Slots

Create block time slots for appointments to avoid confusion. Block staff avialability or store closure times.

Online Bookings (coming soon)

Let customers make and manage appointments online.

Real Time Advanced Reporting

Sales Reports

Choose from a variety of sales reports and make informed decisions.

Inventory Reports

Take a closer look at your inventory management. Analyse your item and location performance.

POS Reports

Keep on track with POS reports. Know whats happening in store at all times. Get closing reports by email.

Marketing Reports

Check your store performance. Analyse your lost and increased sales during promotions.

Customer Reports

Keep a track of your customer account balances. Analyse your new vs returning customers

Staffing Reports (coming soon)

Check your staff clock in and outs. Analyse labour hours and cost.

POS Reports

Keep on track with POS reports. Know whats happening in store at all times. Get closing reports by email.

Marketing Reports

Check your store performance. Analyse your lost and increased sales during promotions.

Multi Location

Multiple Locations

Create multiple locations under one platform. Customise each location seperately. Close store by Location or Register.

Multiple Register

Create multiple registers for each location. Customise each register seperately.

Location Pricing

Create and manage seperate/same prices for each location. Easily copy/markup/discount prices from one location to another in just one click.

Location Receipt Templates

Customise receipt template for each location seperately. Manage and save multiple templates. Option to either email, print or both your sales receipts.

QR Codes & Online ordering

QR Table Ordering

QR scan ordering convenience for Dining In and Advance ordering for Dining Out.  Multiple payment options.  No more plastic menus needed.  Contactless Dine In ordering.  Revolutionary Next Gen Online Ordering System.

Contact less sign in and dinning

An exciting customer experience for contact less dining while in your restaurant and also give your customers options to order in advance for Dining.

All in one solution

Olarme provides you with an inexpensive, affordable solution for all your restaurant needs. Enable contactless QR code dining, pick up, deliveries, room service and even take reservations. Get online in minutes.

Kitchen Display System

Send orders to kitchen automatically with OlarMe Kitchen display system and allow customers to receive ecstatic experience to follow their order start to finish.

Smart Menu management

Comes with customisable timed menu availability options and item prices. Quick enable and disable sold out items/menus.

Reduced Overheads

Reduce your staffing, supervision and overheads and enjoy additional sales. No wrong order, no mistakes, no training and no miscommunications

Add Ons

Explore our myraid range of inhouse add ons.
No need for third party integrations and added subscriptions. Save money and time.
All our add ons are developed inhouse under one platform.
Navigate with ease, compare and make effortless decsions without clicking through multiple screens.



Email & SMS Marketing

Team Management


Gift Cards

Kitchen Display Bump Screen

Customer Display


Staff Attendance

Table Management Reservation


And many more……
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